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    Ackk, I’m super excited for the conclusion of school, but I have to get through math finals first! Algebra 1 students know (I hope) how I feel, we already had a mind-reeling midterm. But then again, all I have to do is study like for any other test, it’s just happens to abnormally long (three periods) and covers things we learned all throughout the  year.


    Who else is flipping out?

Four Day Weekends.. ?

I just returned to school after a four day weekend and I was so not ready to wake up early. Then as I got home today, I was thinking about why. I mean honestly, regular two-day weekends are easy to get over (I wake up at seven or six every Saturday). After some serious thoughtful expressions –I’ve been practicing– and tapping of pencils to the mouth, I decided that it was because it was a FOUR day weekend, not two. Aaaaaand, FOUR day weekends do not come around that often.

So, a solid twenty minutes was wasted thinking about my super special awesome FOUR day weekend. In the end, I remembered a vital fact; haha, only the GVMS blue polo-wearing students had a FOUR day weekend, everyone had three and a half.

Anywho, I could not get up this morning because

1. Hershey Park in the summer weather and melted chocolate had not wore off even after three days of recuperation. Blisters between my toes from flip flops and a craving for chocolate did not help my mood.

2. Parties. What can I say? Everyone was eating barbecue and shrimp cocktail for Memorial Weekend, not to mention drinking coffee and soda forcing you to party until atleast eleven. Yawn, sleeping in makes you tired and hard to wake up early.

3. Everything else. For me, whether it was jumping up and down because GV won all first places with ranking of “superior” or playing tennis with a wall or tannning at a country club, a FOUR day weekend was like a super special awesome tiny break.

What did you do?

Post Script – In addition to everything, I got a tattoo! Not a real one, but one of those air slash paint slash brush tattoos or a rose. [[I’ll take and post a picture]]

[[[picture of tattoo]]]


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